Welcome On Board


Bombouche are pleased to welcome on board Johanna Russel as one of our new team members. Johanna joins the company as we continue our expansion having doubled in size over the ...

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What to expect with International Mailings


There is no doubt that you currently work in a worldwide market, especially if your company sells products online.  Take our portal as an example, we’ve got customers from all ...

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Do’s & Don’ts of Event Marketing


Where/What should I do? I spent a little bit of time in Devon recently, it’s a great opportunity to get out and about no matter what the weather, fortunately for this visit it ...

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Views from the data desk


Did you know that the Royal Mail have a set of guidelines that they publish for the benefit of all that stipulate quite simply how an address needs to look on mailing items?  ...

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What response rates are you getting?


I’ve been involved in a few conversations recently about response rates to direct mail and in some cases its been quite staggering the feedback that we’re getting from our ...

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When Print Moves, 3 Ways AR Can Enhance Consumer Experience


Watching the coverage of Glastonbury brought home to me the extent to which people live their lives through the screens on their mobile devices.  To me I find it amazing to think ...

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Do you need to know everything about your customers to achieve Direct Mail success?


In the world in which we live data has great significance and offers great opportunity to the savvy marketer.  The problem often is that either the IT systems a business has in ...

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The Secrets of the Self Mailer


The options that are available to companies considering or evolving their Direct Mail marketing are extensive, there’s a vast choice out there and when you consider anything ...

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I saw a really interesting video just the other day, it enabled me to visualise some interesting facts using Lego figures.  I found it quite enlightening especially with a couple ...

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Getting a customer on board is tough, there are a million and one different options out there for them to spend their money on and yours is just one in the ever rotating cement ...

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