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Do’s & Don’ts of Event Marketing

Where/What should I do?

I spent a little bit of time in Devon recently, it’s a great opportunity to get out and about no matter what the weather, fortunately for this visit it was fantastic.

Whilst I was bouncing around our normal haunts, enjoying beaches and some very, very long walks I noticed a number of posters, signs and advertisements for a festival which was being held in the area later on this year.  With North Devon being one of my regular stopping points I was interested and looked a little bit closer.

Where is this festival being held?

Erm, well actually, erm…… all this marketing and nowhere was a mention of where the festival was going to be held, there were dates and times, there were acts and everything did a great job of informing the public of how great the event was going to be.  All of the marketing looked great but it didn’t tell me the one thing that I needed to know – where did I have to go to enjoy this festival?

That in itself is one of the major don’ts when advertising something, always make sure that you tell the customer…..

Miss any single one of those out and the public have to do something themselves to complete their picture of your event, ultimately they won’t do it even if they are interested and you’ll suffer with poor attendance.


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