What is Bombouche? Is there a contract? Can you print on my letterhead?
How does Bombouche work? How much can I save? Can I post overseas items?
What does it cost? What do I need to use Bombouche? What is a ‘Product’?
What paper and envelopes does Bombouche use? How long will it take for my mailing to arrive? How do I know the mailing has been sent?
The mailing I want to undertake isn’t one of your products, can you set it up for me? Can I have a logo printed on the envelope? Is Bombouche secure?

What is Bombouche?

Bombouche is a unique online solution to your mailing, postal, direct mail and digital print requirements. There are over 200 different mailing ‘products’ for you to choose from in our online catalogue and because Bombouche is configurable to your requirements, we can set up any mailing product that are bespoke to you.

How does Bombouche work?

Bombouche is designed to be quick, easy and configurable to your requirements. It’s available 24/7 and you can get your mailing going in 4 simple steps:

1. Choose the product for your mailing
2. Tell us how many you’re ordering
3. Upload Artwork and Data
4. Confirm you order with payment by Credit card

Processing starts immediately and if this is identical to a mailing you’ve ordered before we’ll simply create your letters or postcards for you and post. No hassle, no delays just process and post. If you’re a new customer we’ll proof your mailing to you so we’re sure that we understand your ongoing requirements, once approved off we go and you won’t be asked to proof a mailing again – unless there’s significant artwork or data changes.

The mailing I want to undertake isn’t one of your products, can you set it up for me?

Yes, we set up complete catalogues for our customers, giving them flexibility and a wide range of options for their mailings. So long as you’ll be ordering the product we create on your behalf regularly we’re more than happy to make it for you.

What is a ‘Product’?

At the core of Bombouche and its flexibility is our ability to customise ‘Products’ to meet with your requirements. For the purposes of the industry, an example of a product could be 2 sheets of A4 paper printed on a single side, folded and posted in a C5 envelope or it could be simply a postcard.

Products can be as complicated or as simple as you choose.

What does it cost?

This completely depends on what you’re mailing, how many you’re mailing and where you are mailing to. We believe that Bombouche is an extremely cost effective option for our customers, with our lowest prices being 33 pence per item (which includes materials and postage!).

Is there a contract?

There is no contract with Bombouche, you can order what you like and when you like, most importantly if you’d like!

How much can I save?

Compared to a Franking machine your savings could be up to 60% when you factor in manpower, printing and materials. Over the course of the year that adds up to a lot of money, not to mention the fact that your staff will be focussed on the core business rather than menial tasks of mailing.

What do I need to use Bombouche?

There’s only two pre-requirements to using Bombouche, an internet connection and a credit or debit card. It’s that simple.

Is Bombouche secure?

Bombouche uses a full and wholly encompassing e-commerce platform specially designed for processing payments so your details and card payments are secure. The Bombouche platform is also designed to be a point to point data transfer system, which means that your data is safe and secure.

What paper and envelopes does Bombouche use?

At Bombouche we choose not to use the most basic stocks of paper, any mailings we send on your behalf are representing you as a company so we want to make sure that you are represented with the best quality available at the most competitive price. This means that we’ll use 100gsm paper for your letter and a quality envelope to match. For our postcard mailings we’ll use 300gsm paper.

You can review the material stocks for each product prior to placing your order.

Can you print on my letterhead?

Yes we can, we can, if you create you artwork with your letterhead included it will be printed on your letter.

Can I have a logo printed on the envelope?

Yes you can, we have a number of customers who see the benefits of including a logo on their envelope. Logos can be printed in colour or black and white.

How do I know the mailing has been sent?

You will get a notification from our website that your order has changed from ‘pending’ to ‘shipped’. This will normally be emailed to you the moment we’ve completed the order.

How long will it take for my mailing to arrive?

With First Class service the target will be the following working day for landing or if you are using a Second Class service it will be 2-3 working days after hand over.

Can I post overseas items?

Yes, we have a number of standard products that are easily selectable from our catalogue that can be used to post items internationally. We can also create bespoke products for your overseas mailing requirements.



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