Die-Cut Postcards


Need to create that special effect or just get the shape of your products out there, if you’re a building company your card might be the shape of a house, a car sales business the shape of a car the options are endless. We would suggest that shapes are based around the size of an A5 postcard (150 x 210mm) to get the best efficiency out of the materials and hence cost. However you can go as large as 307mm x 586mm – wow what a big postcard…

We can even personalise each postcard, either with just the data for mailing, or we can vary the image based on perhaps the last car the person bought from you with colour, type and even registration number.

Clearly the more cards you do the more cost effective it becomes, so from 1 to thousands can be catered for, all materials are from FSC managed source and any laminated used are ECO friendly – so you get the benefit of exceptional quality in the knowledge you are doing your bit for the environment.

Postcards are normally are printed on 350gsm silk, of high bulk and then printed digitally, so you can order the exact quantity you need, and we can even PERSONALISE them as we print them. We can print bespoke sizes, A5, DL and A6 amongst the range.

Here is the link to the general postcard template for mailing postcards to give you a guide bombouche.com/supplying-artwork-templates/

Please do contact us for further information, shortly these products will be able to be ordered online – in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact one of the team at sales@bombouche.com or email our Managing Director at md@bombouche.com or call the office on 0800 1300 964 for further information.

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