Today, there is less division in marketing regarding the merits of individual channels. Instead, marketers tend to accept that integration is simply the way marketing has evolved.

Channels no longer work separately as individual parts of a strategy. They are combined into integrated campaigns that allow marketers to reach audiences in a number of ways, reinforce brands across the marketing mix and achieve maximum communicative impact.

Direct mail and email have been set against one another many times in an effort to determine which channel is more effective in achieving ROI and generating responses.

According to research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (The DMA), direct mail enjoys a comparatively high response rate of 5.1% (email has a rate of 0.6%, paid is 0.6% and social media is 0.2%).

While in this case, it’s clear that direct mail emerges as the superior channel in terms of response rates, by combining direct mail with email these percentages can be increased, sometimes by as much as double which would improve response rate to 10%.

Direct mail, by using targeted data and personalisation alongside creative design, works to grab the attention of the recipient and involve them on a more personal level compared to digital channels. But, a direct mail piece does not offer an immediate opportunity to take an action. Sending a follow up email or even an email that runs concurrently to the direct mail campaign, provides recipients with this immediate opportunity that enables them to find more information online.

By using both direct mail and email, you effectively communicate with audiences from two different angles and reach them in different ways. Using the ability of direct mail to grab attention with the ease of use and taking a specific action provided by email, you increase the likelihood of recipients responding to your marketing efforts. This then leads to the generation of leads and sales.

Our service, SWITCH can be a great way to combine these two marketing tactics. The system allows you to send emails to your audiences as well as send direct mail to those recipients who bounced or didn’t open your email, improving your deliverability. Learn more about the service here, or call us on 0800 1300 964.


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