JICMAIL creates system for measuring mail

Representatives from the direct mail industry have partnered in an effort to create an industry standard for measuring mail. The initiative, the Joint Industry Committee for Mail (JICMAIL) launched last week and is made up of members from the Royal Mail, Whistl, the DMA, IPA and IBSA.*

The initiative aims to measure and record key metrics for both addressed (direct mail) and unaddressed mail (door drops). Readership, frequency and reach for every piece of mail delivered in the UK will be captured.

JICMAIL, in partnership with Kantar TNS, will follow mail through a four-week cycle and 1000 households to record preliminary data with a view to expand nationwide. The purpose of the data is to support marketing planning efforts and provide the industry with a means of measuring the success of mail.

Here are some of the key findings so far:

You can view the full annual report by clicking here.

Mike Colling, member of the Jicmail Board and chief executive of MC&C, said: “What Jicmail does, for the first time, is normalise mail to bring it in-line with every other major channel. It gives us exactly the same data across these channels, allowing marketers to compare apples to apples when it comes to their media planning.”

This is a welcome step towards putting mail on the same playing field as other major channels, many of which already provide audience insight data.

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*DMA – Direct Marketing Association, IPA – The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, IBSA – The Incorporated Society of British Advertisers.


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