Bespoke Products

At Bombouche, we can tailor mailings and products to your unique requirements. You have an amazing choice to choose from with our standard products, but sometimes you might need something a little ‘more’. Maybe that is a postcard or letter mailing on unconventional paper or card, or the insertion of multiple items into an envelope, the sorting of data to suit your needs or printing on custom paper sizes. Whatever you require, we can make it happen!

Below we show you the difference between ordering a bespoke product versus a standard product.

Bespoke product

In this example, our client wanted a cover letter in colour, and 2 additional pages in black and white, one of which was a questionnaire. All 3 pages include multiple personalisation specific to the recipient. Our client wanted to include a business reply envelope (BRE) to make it easier for the recipient to return the questionnaire. All items to be inserted into a C5 window envelope with the client’s return address on the envelope.

Standard product

Our standard A4 letter product below allows for a colour A4 letter, with normal personalisation (usually address data and a salutation, for example) and then inserted into a C5 window envelope.

To get started, simply create an account then contact us to get the ball rolling! Perhaps you need a number of specific artworks; perhaps you need to print on unusual stock; perhaps you need particular variable data management. Not only can we accommodate this, but we can create your very own product in our store, visible only to you, and available to order (with no minimum volumes) whenever you need it.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch and we can craft your perfect item together.

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