How To Switch

How Switch Works: 

Switch is a fairly simple concept, designed to give you 100% deliverability on your email marketing activity as well as providing you with a complete emailing system.  

Once you’ve created your Bombouche account, and selected the option to use Switch, we send you an email with the link to your Switch account that is populated by the information you enter during the Bombouche registration process. 

There are two stages involved in the Switch process, the email stage and direct mail stage. 

Email Stage:

When accessing your Switch account, you arrive at an email portal landing page. This is the central hub for sending your email campaigns to your chosen data. 

If you need any help in navigating the portal then please contact us, and one of our support team will be happy to help you. 

Here’s how the Switch email portal works in more detail: 

  1. Create a template to use for your campaign. Here, you can design your campaign and upload relevant artwork as well as content. 
  2. Create your campaign (including naming, creating a subject line and choosing a reply address) using the relevant template. 
  3. Upload your chosen data using the data upload function in the campaign interface. 
  4. Test your email to check links and that everything is in order before sending. 
  5. Send your email immediately or schedule it to be launched at a specific time. 

Direct Mail Stage:

Once you’ve sent your email campaign, the direct mail stage kicks in: 

  1. Review the bounces, unsubscribes and unopened emails from your campaign. 
  2. Determine which list you’d like to send a direct mail campaign to, it can be one of these or all of them. 
  3. Using the Bombouche online ordering system, upload your campaign artwork, and address data that corresponds to your email campaign metrics. 
  4. We’ll then handle sending out your direct mail to those recipients that your email didn’t reach giving you 100% deliverability. 
  5. We monitor your campaign, providing you with regular updates on its progress.