Die-Cut Shapes Printing

What shapes can we cut? Well nearly any shape you can fit into 307mm x 586mm, the shapes can be intricate, the quantity ranges can be samples or small runs – nearly any shape can be accommodated.

Below are some links to the pages we have created for

Die-cut folders printing – no need for cutting forms, and yes you can have shaped flaps, and business card slots and also personalised folders.

Die-cut postcards or business cards printing – these can be any shape that you require.

Specialised die-cut shapes printing – such as bookmarks, wine bottle labels, boxes, pillow boxes and again they can all be personalised.

We will be able to produce bespoke labels by the sheet shortly and also offer the options of laminating or foiling – watch this space for further developments.

Die-cut folders printing Die-cut postcards printing Die-cut business cards printing Specialised die-cut shapes

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