About Switch

SWITCH – Combine direct mail and e-mail to reach your entire audience. 

What are the benefits of using the Switch e-mail system? 

100% deliverability: 

When your email bounces, is unsubscribed from or unopened, those contacts won’t see your message or promotion which reduces the likelihood of your e-mail campaign generating leads, awareness or sales. 

Using the Switch e-mail system means that when these things occur, you can review the metrics as normal but also have the option to send them a direct mail campaign using the Bombouche service. In doing so, you essentially circumvent the issues with your e-mail and can still get your message in front of your audience. This is how we provide 100% communication deliverability. 

The portal: 

The email portal itself has some key benefits: 

  • The portal is incredibly easy to use, as a result, you can create and send your campaigns quickly, saving you time. 
  • The design functionality means you are able to create great looking emails that are responsive on both desktop and mobile.
  • You can view detailed and comprehensive reports that enable you to track your campaigns effectively. 
  • There are several test functions that you can make use of including spam tests, general testing and A/B split tests. You can also preview your emails in over 20 popular email clients. 
  • Segmentation tools allow you to segment and target different sets of data depending on your messaging and content. 
  • Personalisation tools also allow for more effective targeting that keep your audience engaged and drives revenue. 


Because we have automated the Switch and Bombouche platforms, ‘hands-on’ management processes have been stripped away along with their associated costs. These cost reductions are then passed on to you in the form of competitively priced direct mail products. 

The Switch system itself only requires you to pay for an e-mail campaign as a product through the Bombouche ordering system, like you would with direct mail items. The cost reductions we provide for direct mail also apply to the e-mail service. 

Usually there would be separated costs for both e-mail and direct mail campaigns. The Switch service amalgamates these costs into a structure where you can benefit from reductions when using both e-mail and direct mail together through Switch and Bombouche.


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