Bombouche becomes member of the DMA:

The DMA is a well-recognised and established trade association that works to drive the progress of all forms of direct marketing. Membership of the DMA gives access to research, legal advice, lobbying and industry guidance as well as relevant events that offer numerous networking opportunities. These events also present opportunities to learn and discover new ways of thinking and marketing.

By becoming a member of the DMA, Bombouche has access to resources, contacts and industry knowledge which can all be used to improve your experiences with us.  The DMA also present the industry with best-practice guidelines that put the customer at the heart of each and every process. Bombouche is already committed to this philosophy and as an active member of the DMA, can enhance our delivery of it.

As we integrate more into the DMA community, we will inevitably learn of and develop new ways to ensure your satisfaction with our services and offer you with invaluable advice should you require it.