The Secrets of the Self Mailer

The options that are available to companies considering or evolving their Direct Mail marketing are extensive, there’s a vast choice out there and when you consider anything that can be delivered to a individual, property or business by the Royal Mail constitutes one of those options you’ll soon see that you can be as creative as your budget allows you to be.

Hidden in among all of these different formats is my personal favourite, the self mailer.

Self Mailers are, by definition a direct mail piece that is designed to not require an outer envelope. This could take the form of a catalogue, brochure, booklet or leaflet, but I prefer a roll folded or gate folded 6 or 8 page flyer.  

What does this look like? Here’s a couple of examples:

From these images you can see that these items are, externally, looking very similar to a postcard – and that’s what I feel makes them so powerful. The postcard, which by definition is also a self mailer, offers the highest level of engagement rate out of all direct mail options because it’s there right in the face of your recipients.

You can even hide personalisation inside once folded, a link to other products or personalised offers to that person, property or business!

By adding in additional pages you can add something that you can’t within a single postcard, “intrigue”. With a well thought out mailer will find people asking if this is what the outside looks like, what’s on the inside? You’re able to grab attention and hold it through a whole voyage of discovery, feeding information and reason, helping people towards the decision you want them to make.

Remember the vast majority of people make decisions based on emotional connections and feelings, they then justify those decisions with reason. Using a 6pp or 8pp self mailer means that you can achieve both a reasoned argument whilst gaining emotional traction with your customers. 

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